TOP 5 BIGGEST CLIFF JUMPS EVER! Best of Chase Reinford

The leading 5 greatest cliff jumps in history! 140ft backflip, 125ft double frontflip, 110ft triple gainer. All my most significant dives in one place! SUBSCRIBE FOR ADVENTURES EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY!

So for my 100k customer special I assemble a compilation of my most significant and best cliff jumps! I likewise consisted of some never prior to seen angles and POV video shot with the GoPro.
Cliff Leaping has actually taken me to many stunning places all around the world and for that I am so appreciative. Thanks for seeing my experiences everybody! I ENJOY YOU ALL!

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Shot and edited by: Chase Reinford.
Extra shooting by: A number of the best people ever!!!!

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THEY. – "State When" & "Back It Up".
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