TERRIFYING trampoline and parkour tricks, 15ft gap and super trampoline sesh! Corey decided to keep some of his pillows we pranked him with, you get a little addicted to playing in them! After he found his gold chain we hit up tempest parkour/trampoline park! Warmed up on the super tramp with a couple double flips then moved to the mat where Carpon did a triple frontflip and almost broke his neck lol. Hung out with FazeRug he landed his first backflip and we trick shotted him HAHAHA check him out
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Capron broke the rules and flipped off the yellow railing with a 20ft drop on the other side, that could have gone wrong! Then the local guys built this huge gap to a mat. Everyone got a frontflip and Capron tossed a double front to his back! Incredibly stoked on that guys. Then the winner of the MINI SCOOT is Luke, we personally messaged him and wanna thank everyone for participating!

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