Pokemon GO – Pikachu Parkour in REAL LIFE (4K)

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This video would not be possible without fantastic parkour guys Uros and Milan and their incredible talent.

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We would likewise like to thanks to costume store "Maslacak" for making this excellent Pikachu costume, and we are more then happy cos they belonged of this task.

Excellent music from Scott and Brando, and make sure to follow this guys, cos they make a terrific music:

Thanks to all individuals who participated in this task, cos withough them this video will not be possible, and unique thanks goes to Dusan Tomasevic, who was in charge of the organization in this task.
Ensure to like his page Meme Store and his pokemon page:

Film by Tropical LifeIsFun at 5k with the RED Epic Mysterium X downscaled to 4K and with the Glidecam HD 4000 for stabilizing.

Check out how we use our devices in our behind the scenes video.


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