PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Parkour & Freerunning Edition)

This month's Individuals Are Awesome compilation is a parkour & freerunning special!

Parkour & freerunning have always been a key part of our compilations, the skill, strength and balance required to perform these moves is sensational.

Huge thanks to all the amazing professional athletes for their breathtaking footage and to Rene LaVice for the best soundtrack 'Do not Look Down'

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Music: Rene LaVice – Don't Look Down Feat. BullySongs
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Thanks to all the professional athletes for the extraordinary videos!

LEGENDARY PARKOUR JUMP-The art of flying Freerunning (Parkour kid).

Eight Years Training – Max Henry Parkour.

Jesse la style – Trying to step up my #SlideGame.

David Witchell|Bouncin' About 2014.

Kong to underbar.

Justin "Bull" D'Avila Showreel 2011 (PKOUT ).

I am Jenin – Showreel 2012.

Dive past The Worry. – Parkour.

More Than Just a dream, Justin D'avila Collection.

Contrix HUGE Side flip across whole street in Oxford Street.

Winter season Free Running – Ice Parkour – Ronnie Shalvis.

Lets Go – parkour and totally free running 2012 feet "Marcus Zyrken Gustafsson".

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