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with awesome stunts Pushing the limits of parkour & freerunning.
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I just thought I'd give some credit to the people who actually made this videos separately which were put together by "Kick-Tube TV"
Here are some I recognized, please check their channels and look them up in youtube, they are all amazing athletes, you won't regret doing so! They Are:

Storror - UK
Storm Freerun - UK
Team Jestion - Italy
Team Farang - Thailand
Pasha Petkuns - Latvia
Sick Mode - Poland
3Run - UK
3F - France
Novel Ways - Australia
Urban Runners - Mexico
Galizian Urban Project - Spain
Tempest Freerunning - USA
Speeders Family - Belgium
Paul Whitecotton - USA
Jason Paul - Germany
Team Jiyo - Denmark
Will Sutton - UK
Damien Walters - UK
Free-Z - Switzerland
Air-Wipp - Sweden

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