ICE FALL: Night Ice Climbing | Scandinavian Frost Giants

The Frost Giants of Norse folklore were big, cold and virtually indomitable. At night they taught the people of the North to fear, just to freeze once again the next day. In January 2013, extreme sports photographer Thomas Senf avoided for Norway with a team of fearless Mammut ice climbers. The plan was to set the expert athletes versus the nocturnal background of the legendary world of the Frost Giants using flares and spotlights. The job produced unique pictures, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

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Professional athletes:
Daniel Arnold
Stephan Siegrist
Aljaz Anderle
Ralf Weber
David Fasel
Anne-Aylin Sigg
Mirjam Limmer

Music & Sound Design:
Original Tune "The Climb of Guy"
Sam Ewing

Executive Producer:
Christian Gisi

Joseph Areddy

Line Manufacturer:
Cordelia Müller

Production Manager:
Christoph Schaub

Rahel Schelb

Assistant Video camera:
Maxime Raymond

End Pictures:
Thomas Senf

Lighting Specialist:
David Hedinger


Cam Equipment:
Visuals Geneva

Post House:

A film by Mammut Outright alpine.


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