GoPro Snowboarding | Exploring the Backcountry (4K)

GoPro Snowboarding | Exploring the Backcountry (4K)

An epic trip up to Eiseman Hut for a few nights in backcountry Colorado.

Hiking to Eiseman Hut was 8 miles and mostly breaking trail through fresh snow! It tested us physically and mentally but was worth every second for the couple of days we spent up there! The trailhead is located just out of Vail and the route takes you way up into the Gore range between Vail and Beaver Creek. One of the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association Huts run for Winter and Summer trips!

Featuring shots using a GoPro 4 Black and a Phantom 4, all filmed in 4k. I get my smooth GoPro footage by using the Rider M from ZhiYun and gear from Polar Pro, you can find them both here:


Everything Must End (Summer Hips Remix Version) - Produced by Niklas Ahlström

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