Bali White Water Rafting for the family – gopro camera

Bali White Water Rafting for the family - gopro camera

Fun for the whole family in Bali - White Water Rafting with BAT (Bali Adventure Tours).
We did the whole day combo tour, bike ride through the countryside, Lunch, Elephant Ride and topped it off with the White Water Rafting on Ayung River in Bali.

If you have kids, do this as a family adventure. The Rafting was over 2 hours of fun & amazement watching the world go by. We felt safe the whole time, kids even got out & swam at one point. Got to see the ancient rock carvings (from 2005) . Video is cut down to 4.5 minutes. We purchased a GoProHero2 camera especially for this adventure to record these white water memories on my helmet. Well worth the money we paid to do the day. There are other cheaper tours out there & we got what we paid for. Facilities were immaculate. Luncheon exotic overlooking the elephants- Mid December 2011

Just one thing.... practice walking up & down steps for a few weeks before you go. There are 500 steps down into the ravine (all safe etc) but boy oh boy the legs felt it the next day. Kids didnt notice it at all.
Music "Road less travelled" is by Graeme Connors (an Australian) Buy his Albums they are great!
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