3,2,1 Cya – B.A.S.E Jumping short film

3,2,1 Cya is an attempt at a various approach to a B.A.S.E leaping edit. Shot over a period of 1 month at exit points in Italy and Switzerland. Follow a group of buddies, the "Cuttlefish BASE Crew" as they perform around 140 BASE leaps between the group.

The rules for ending up being an official "Cuttlefish BASE Crew" member:

1) Be a pussy
2) Have a good time
3) Huge time it
4) Pretend not to be a pussy
5) Naked dive with a team member
6) Aim for the bushes

Music by Tobu

Tunes utilized:
Tobu – Hope
Tobu – Greater
Tobu – Sunburst

Thanks to everyone that got included and answered some concerns.

Talked to Jumpers:
Pål Rydningen Saltvedt
Fabien Clerc
Hugo Stiglitz
Dylan Roberts

Extra footage:
Rami Kajala
John Lavis
Kristian Sollie
Alexander Onceuponatime
Fokke Van Der Werf
Hugo Stiglitz
Dylan Roberts
Märsu Analovic
Jt Holmes

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