16 Year Old’s 1st Ever Base Jump

16 Year Old's 1st Ever Base Jump

16 year old completes 1st ever base jump with Dad Gary Connery in Croatia. Subscribe here http://goo.gl/NPT1Hz

Gary shares his passion for base jumping with his son Kali. Kali takes a one in a lifetime trip to Croatia to become one of the youngest base jumpers in the world.

Gary Connery is a British stuntman, base jumper & skydiver. He was the stunt double for the Queen in the 2012 Olympics & has worked on films such as Indiana Jones, Batman & James Bond. He also completed the first ever wingsuit jump with no parachute by landing on cardboard boxes.

Gary took a trip to Croatia with his son Kali to help his son fulfill his dream: completing his 1st base jump at the age of 16.

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